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Revised January 18, 2009
Chapter I-1 General Provisions
Chapter I-2 Party Members
Chapter II Executive Bodies
Chapter III Decision-Making Bodies
Chapter IV Policy Research Council
Chapter V Election Strategy Headquarters
Chapter VI Personnel Committee
Chapter VII Diet Affairs Bodies
Chapter VIII The Party Ethics Committee, Political Ethics Hearing Committee and Others
Chapter IX The Central Institute of Politics
Chapter X Other Party Positions
Chapter XI Terms of Office
Chapter XII Regional Organizations
Chapter XIII Party Membership
Chapter XIV Commendation and Punishment
Chapter XV Accounting and Budgeting
Chapter XVI Party Headquarters Secretariat
Chapter XVII Amendments to the Constitution

The Liberal Democratic Party (hereafter called "the Party" or "we") is a liberal political party that advocates democracy and basic human rights, strives to make positive contributions to world peace and the prosperity of mankind and, together with the Japanese people, looks to the future by committing to ongoing reform. To enshrine the principles of the Party, and to strengthen the Party's organization and activities, we hereby establish this Constitution, through which we shall maintain Party order and discipline.
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