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  • Article 92
    1. The President, with the consent of the General Council, and based on a report by the Party Ethics Committee, may confer commendation to any Member who has performed meritorious deeds for the Party.
    2. Commendation shall take the form of a testimonial or a reward.
  • Article 93
    If a Party Member engages in one or more of the following acts, he or she shall be disciplined pursuant to the provisions of the Party Discipline Rules.
    1. Contravening Party discipline
    2. Impairing the dignity of Party Members
    3. Acting against the decisions of the Party
    1. In addition to being subject to possible punishment as detailed in the preceding clauses, Diet Members who contravene the provisions specified in the Party Discipline Rules shall be subject to the punishment specified therein.
    2. At such time that the Party Secretary-General determines that a Party Member serving in the Diet has committed act (a) and/or act (c) contained in the first section of the present article, he or she may discipline the offender according to provisions specified in the Party Discipline Rules.
  • Article 94
    In regard to commendation or punishment stipulated in this Constitution, the Party Ethics Committee shall, with the consent of the General Council, stipulate the Party Discipline Rules.
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