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Nomination Notification
Eligibility of Voters
The Voters’ List
Election Campaign
Ballot Counting
Voting and Counting Hours
Reporting of Election Results
Election Records

Article I
In addition to the Rules for the Election of President (hereafter called "Rules"), the presidential election shall be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Presidential Election.

Article II
    The announcement of the Presidential Election shall be the responsibility of the Party Headquarters' Administration Committee.

2.   In the event of an election, the Party Headquarters’ Administration Committee shall inform the executive of Party Headquarters, all prefectural presidential election administration committees, the Liberal National Congress, and the National Political Association of matters pertaining to the presidential election, including the dates and schedule of the election, and announce these details to those with voting rights (hereafter called "voter") through the party newspaper, and also publicly announce it through the general news media.

3.   Upon receiving the announcement, each prefectural Presidential Election Administration Committee (hereafter called "Prefectural Administration Committee") shall announce the details as stipulated in the preceding clause to the party machine including the executive of each prefectural Federation of Party Branches, branches in constituencies and municipalities, and in occupation branches.
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