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House of Representa- tives As of May 30, 2019 As of May 30, 2019 House of Councillors
283 Liberal Democratic Party Liberal Democratic Party and Voice of the People 123
68 The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and Minyukai and Hope Coalition 28
40 Democratic Party For the People Democratic Party for the People and The Shin-Ryokufukai 27
29 Komeito Komeito 25
12 Japanese Communist Party Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) and The Party of Hope 15
11 Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) Japanese Communist Party 14
8 The Reviewing Group on Social Security Policy Independents Club 2
2 Social Democratic Party Okinawa Whirlwind 2
2 The Party of Hope    
2 Future Japan    
8 Independents 3
0 Vacancies 3
465 Total Membership 242
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