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Lower House Budget Committee Demands Explanation for Hatoyama's statement on Okinawa bases issue

February 16, 2011


Intensive deliberations on foreign policy and security took place at the Lower House Standing Committee on Budget on February 16. Former LDP Defense Ministers, Nobutaka Machimura and Gen Nakatani, severely criticized former PM Hatoyama's claim when he was Prime Minister that he used the deterrent role of the U.S. Marines on Okinawa for not relocating the base from Okinawa Prefecture. Hatoyama recently remarked that it was an "expedient excuse" at the time. Both former defense ministers asked for Mr. Hatoyama to be summoned to the Committee. The two former ministers are demanding to know if the former PM was the person himself who signed a written agreement with the US to relocate the Futenma Base to Nago in Okinawa. If so, they argue, it would have jeopardized the legitimacy of the Japan-US agreement. Mr. Hatoyama's remarks have generated a lot of criticism even among his Party colleagues and ministers of the Kan administration.

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