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"This year, we will drive the DPJ administration into a corner." President Sadakazu Tanigaki determined that the LDP returns to government

January 5, 2011


The ceremony for the first working day of the year, a New Year custom in Japan, was performed at the Party Headquarters, signaling the commencement of Party activities for 2011. President Tanigaki expressed his determination to regain political power in his New Year greetings: "The current administration is in complete gridlock. We must drive the Kan administration into a corner and seek to recapture political power this year."

Regarding the unified local elections to be held in spring, Mr Tanigaki reminded his audience that the LDP is the people's political party whose strength and support had originated at the local government level throughout Japan. With history on its side, the LDP intends to strive for victory in the unified local elections.

Secretary-General Nobuteru Ishihara emphasized that the political battle had already begun. "As members of the House of Representatives and House of Councillors, we must campaign for our local members to ensure their success. This will provide the platform for dissolution of the Diet and a general election for the lower house. Let's do our best together."

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