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New Year's Greetings

January 1, 2011

January 1st, 2011

Happy New Year.
 A year and three months have passed since the defeat of our Party at the general election for the House of Representatives. Since then, we have devoted ourselves to the reconstruction of the Party. Returning to our principles embodied in the founding declaration - politics is for the people - we have introduced a new Party Platform and instituted wide-ranging Party reform. In reaffirming the principles of our Party, we have undertaken the required reforms.

 In contrast, the Democratic Party administration has displayed inexperienced political management, which has brought chaos to Japan’s domestic and foreign affairs. Over the last fifteen months, "initiatives by politicians", DPJ’s so-called electoral pledge, has seen self-righteous political judgments taken by its politicians who have ignored the advice of public servants who administer policy. The result has been the collapse of mutual trust between themselves and the bureaucracy, and their incapacity to learn from experience.

 Moreover, in terms of implementation of their Manifesto, although the DPJ claimed to have the ability to manage the rebuilding of the nation’s finances, this pledge has been revealed as ‘pie in the sky’. In foreign affairs, the DPJ administration has lacked the authority to ensure the security of the Japanese people. They have worsened Japan-U.S. relations, the core of the Japan’s security policy, and have mishandled the problems of the Senkaku Island and the Northern Territories that furthered degraded Japanese diplomacy.

 The Democratic Party lacks its own policies, instead choosing to counter LDP’s politics for the sake of achieving power. At a time where political management is critical the Party has no vision for Japan. The continuance of power is its sole aim.

 We cannot grasp what they intend doing for the people or what policies they intend to implement. We can no longer leave the ship of state to the hands of a Democratic Party administration that lacks direction for the country.

 It is now time that our Party regains a society of harmony based on Japan’s traditional bonds under the banner of "freedom” and “democracy" we have maintained since the Party’s foundation. Our Party must reestablish the true spirit and energy of Japan .

 First, we must build a society where family bonds and local bonds are maintained and where those who work hard are rewarded. We will secure the future life of our people by strengthening the social security system, including pensions, medical treatment, and aged care.

 Moreover, we will preserve Japanese history, tradition, and culture. We will build a future for Japan’s tradition, manufacturing, and strengthen R&D and nurture our talented people which are the basis of our economy and prosperity.

 We will realize sustainable economic growth by reviewing and relaxing various regulations and freeing up competition in the international market.

 Furthermore, we will contribute to the peace and development while maintaining the harmony within international society, and build mutual trust relations with East Asian countries. At the same time, we will protect national life and property by making Japan-U.S. alliance system as the core of Japan’s foreign policy, and by consolidating the system which enables us to protect the country. Through these measures, we will establish the foundation of a Japan where people can dream, hope, and prosper with true national pride.

 It is critical that we protect Japan from the DPJ this year. We know what the DPJ administration has wrought: the destruction of the sovereignty of our country and the national interest. The LDP must regain political power at any cost. We must halt the political decay.

 To that end, I am determined to fight on behalf of the Japanese people, at the national and local levels, in order to achieve the dissolution of the parliament to ensure a general election as early as possible.

 I wish you prosperity and good health for 2011.

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