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LDP eager to pass North Korean Human Rights Act during current Diet session, says LDP Acting Secretary-General Aisawa

June 7, 2006


Ichiro Aisawa, acting secretary-general of the Party, held a press conference for foreign media June 7th to explain the Party's determination to ensure the passing of a bill on human rights in North Korea during the current Diet session. The bill would allow the Japanese government to impose economic sanctions against North Korea if the human rights situation in the country does not improve.
The ruling parties and opposition party have submitted separate bills on the issue to the Diet. "We are now working on last-minute adjustments between the ruling and opposition parties to reach common ground," said acting Secretary-General Aisawa. He emphasized the critical importance of "the coalition parties of LDP and Komei Party, as well as the opposition Democratic Party, being able to agree on pressuring North Korea by passing a bill which empowers the government to take significant actions against North Korea to solve the abduction and other issues."

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