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Khmer Rouge trial judge Motoo Noguchi visits LDP Party Headquarters

June 30, 2006


Mr. Motoo Noguchi, appointed by the Cambodian government as international judge of the Appeals Chamber of Khmer Rouge Trials, visited LDP Secretary General Tsutomu Takebe at Party Headquarters on June 30th to express his hopes for the coming trial.
This trial will bring cadre members of the Khmer Rouge government accused of massacres in the 1970s to justice. Mr. Noguchi was appointed as one of three international judges to the trial. It has been 30 years since Khmer Rouge committed genocide in Cambodia when a reported one or even two million people were massacred. The Khmer Rouge trial is finally becoming a reality. "It is a good chance for Cambodia to send a message to the international society that Cambodia respects the rule of law and justice; I want to make this trial open so that the public can participate in it", Mr. Noguchi said. Secretary General Takebe replied: "Your current assignment is a great news for us because it will be a credit to Japan's administration of justice. I hope you will take good care of yourself and do a good job." The trial is expected to commence next year and may run for three years.

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