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Indonesia's Regional Representative Council Chairman Ginandjar visited LDP Secretary General Takebe.

February 20, 2006


Dr. Ginandjar, chairman of the Regional Representative Council in Indonesia and member of the Golkar Party, visited the LDP Headquarters to meet with LDP Secretary General Tsutomu Takebe and Director General Kisaburo Tokai of the International Bureau, on February 20, 2006.
Since Secretary General Takebe has long promoted exchanges between Japan and Indonesia, he knows Dr. Ginandjar personally. Their talks opened in a straightforward manner.
Dr. Ginandjar expressed his hopes saying, "Japan's political energy has been so far mainly directed inward, but now it is time for Japan to turn its attention outward and demonstrate its leadership in international society. It is not a desirable situation that Southeastern Asian countries are pressed to choose sides between Japan and China during the regrettable developments in current Japan-China relations. Japan and China both could benefit from better relations, which will bring about benefits to Asians generally." Secretary General Takebe agreed.
Takebe touched upon Japan's future and said that the LDP is having its presidential elections in September. He emphasized, "the person who succeeds Mr. Koizumi must be a leader who can continue to maintain Japan's national dignity and moral leadership and also continue the Koizumi line in domestic issues."
Traditionally Japan-Indonesia relations have been strong. Both Secretary Takebe and Dr. Ginandjar confirmed their commitment to the development of a new stage of Japan-Indonesia relations, taking into account the importance of East Asian stability.
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