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An outline of a draft on the human rights situation in North Korea, approved at Headquarters of the Abductions of Japanese Nationals by North Korea

February 16, 2006


On Feb. 16, the LDP's 'Headquarters of the Abductions of Japanese Nationals by North Korea' approved a draft outline of the human rights situation in North Korea that was prepared by an internal team examining the possibility of economic sanctions.
Last December, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). Based on this resolution, an outline was drafted that aimed to investigate the extent of human rights violations in North Korea and deterring to recommend penalties.
The draft stipulates that the Japanese government must cooperate with other foreign governments and international organizations to exchange information regarding the human rights situation in North Korea. It also encourages the government to consider its cooperation with non-government organizations (NGO) in Japan as well as overseas. According to the draft, the government is obliged to provide an annual report on human rights in North Korea to the National Diet.
It also stipulates that in the case human rights in North Korea, including the issues of abduction, are not improved, the Japanese government may adopt measures for the deterrence of human rights violations, based on the bill prohibiting specific ships' entering Japanese ports.
Upon the adoption of this outline, Chief Ichita Yamamoto of the team on economic sanctions, one of the drafting members, said, "we will proceed to finalize this draft bill and have it passed during the current Diet session".
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