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Ms. Ton Nu Thi Ninh, Deputy Chairwoman of the Viet Nam Parliamentary Affairs Committee, pays courtesy call on LDP Secretary General Takebe

February 15, 2006


Ms. Ton Nu Thi Ninh, deputy chairwoman of the Parliamentary Affairs Committee in Viet Nam, paid a courtesy call on LDP Secretary General Tsutomu Takebe and Director General Kisaburo Tokai of the International Bureau. Their meeting was held in the National Diet building on February 15.
Mr. Takebe welcomed Ms. Ton saying, "It is very impressive to learn of the increasing role of women in the Vietnamese parliament. I am expecting to hear more news in the coming years." The Deputy Chairwoman replied that "We women are trying our very best. I, for example, am a student of regionalism. I believe that Asian countries should not just pay attention to the western countries but should regard trust-building across Asia as perhaps even more important." With that in mind, she continued "we expect Japan in the future will export its outstanding traditional culture to the rest of the world, and not in economic terms alone." She expressed her desire for stronger cultural exchanges between the two countries.
Secretary General Takebe, who had long promoted strengthening relations between Japan and Viet Nam as a President of Japan-Viet Nam Parliamentarians' Friendship League stated, "I would like to generate more exchanges between not only at the government level with members of other legislatures、but also at the local cities and towns level". While acknowledging that Viet Nam is promoting further participation in international society by hosting APEC this year, he hoped for an early realization of Vietnam becoming a member of the WTO".
In exchanging frank opinions for the building of future Japan-Viet Nam relations, it was clear the meeting was very significant for both two countries.
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