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The Secretary General of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party met with LDP Party officials

February 28, 2006


Mr. Sanjaagiin Bayar, secretary general of the Mongolian ruling party, the People's Revolutionary Party, had a talk with Acting Secretary General Ichiro Aisawa, and officials of the International Bureau, Director General Kisaburo Tokai and Deputy Director General Kazuaki Miyaji, in the LDP Headquarters on Feb. 28, 2006.
Acting Secretary General Aisawa offered congratulations on the 800th aniversary of the Mongol Empire's foundation, and proposed that the two countries should cooperate to make the 800th anniversary events successful and deepen mutual understandings.
Secretary Bayar, looking back over the history of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party stated, "This year also marks the 85th anniversary for our Party. We were the government under the socialist system. It was 1990 when our country decided to become a more democratic country, and even after the democratization we have been constantly enjoying people's support." And he proudly stated, "Our party is essential to Mongolia's development. Therefore, we are determined to make our party more democratic to improve the Mongol's future."
Director General Tokai encouraged Secretary General Bayar to achieve reforms in Mongolia stating, "The secret of the LDP consistently running the government since the war ended is that the LDP has always carried out reforms to meet the needs of the times."
In the coming years, the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party can be expected to make active and concrete approaches to the LDP, which has many years of experience, which will help show the world that Mongolia is promoting more democratic politics.

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