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The group of the Department of Education and Training of Vietnam visit To LDP

October 25, 2005


October 25, 2005, at the LDP HQ: The group of the Department of Education and Training of Vietnam led by Dr. Tran Van Nghia, the Chairman, made a courtesy call on the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Secretary-General Tsutomu Takebe, and Yoshimi Watanabe, the Acting Director-General of the LDP International Bureau.
"Vietnam has been one of the most friendly countries to Japan, and it has been visited the Head Quarters of LDP most frequently. We have been fostered our friendship through the Congressmen Federation and various institutions" Secretary General Takebe said, and welcomed the visitation of the group.
"Currently, Vietnamese government is promoting restructure of educational programs of universities and colleges. We consider there are many things to learn from Japan which have been developed its higher educational system. We have quite many students seeking an opportunity to study abroad in Japan, and the Vietnamese government is showing positive attitude toward the popular trend of Japanese culture and language. We are expecting even more active interactions between Japan and Vietnam" said Dr. Nghia.
Corresponding to Dr.Nghia, Mr.Watanabe said "we can work together on building up a mutual educational system between Vietnam and Japan, such as exchange program and student loans, so that we can accept more students from Vietnam."
The conference was concluded in very friendly atmosphere as it symbolized the healthy relationship between Vietnam and Japan. The congressmen on the both sides of Vietnam and Japan agreed on that they keep working on activating positive interactions between two countries.

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