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Delegation of All China-Women's Federation visited the headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP)

October 19, 2005


The Standing Comimitee of All China-Women's Federation visited the headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 to have a meeting with Ms. Yoko Kawakami, the Chief of the LDP Women's Bureau.
"We have been having active interactions with various women's organizations all over the world for the advancement of women's social rank. Japan, especially, is one of the closest allies, and we have been fostering friendship not only with the LDP Women's Bureau, but also with other women's organizations in local governments." Ms. Zhang Jing, the chief of the Standing Committee of All-China Women's Federation spoke.
"We exposed various problems affected women's life, which are caused in the unstable economic situation in China. The report was presented to the Chinese government and we expect urgent political response from them. It is the greatest challenge to help out women in poverty. To save those women in the severe situation, we should urgently work on development of legal systems" Ms. Jing continued.
Ms. Kawakami correspondingly said, "we have also started to build up the global women's network centered around Asia (by putting ourselves into various women's conference held every corner of the world.)"
They both agreed that "even though Japan and China is in the different stage of the development and there are differences in the tasks that both country has as the women's issues, we must work together on the common issues such as the support for the women in the farming villages to promote the empowerment of women".
The conference has been a meaningful exchange of opinions as the present conditions and challenges that the both countries face have been expressed frankly, setting resolution of various tasks and development of networks concerning women's issues all over the world as a goal.

All-China Women's Federation:
Founded on April 3, 1949, the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) is a mass organization dedicated to the advancement of Chinese women of all ethnic groups in walks of life. The highest level of ACWF governance is the National Congress of Chinese Women Congress.

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