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LDP convenes Party Convention commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Party's Foundation

November 22, 2005


The LDP marked its 50th anniversary on November 15 and a Party Convention to celebrate the event was held in Tokyo on November 22. More than 3000 people including ambassadors, distinguished party members, representatives of the Party's student arm, as well as party Diet members attended.
In his speech, Party President Koizumi expressed the Party's thanks to the people of Japan: "We feel an immense responsibility to the people who have supported the Party over the past 50 years as well as to future generations of Japanese as we pursue reforms essential to the nation's future."
A draft of Japan's new Constitution embodying the Party's Principles was introduced by Mr. Yoshiro Mori, Chairman of the New Constitution Drafting Committee and former Party President.
The guest speakers included British Ambassador, H. E. Mr. Graham Holbrook Fry, Komei Party Leader, Mr. Takenori Kanzaki, Nippon Keidanren Chairman, Mr. Hiroshi Okuda and Theatrical director, Mr. Amon Miyamoto. They expressed their strong support for the Party as it leads Japan into the 21st century.

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