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December 10, 2004

10th December 2004
LDP Countermeasures HQ for the North Korea Abduction Issue

Following the recent working level talks, tests by Japan's investigating authorities have shown that the remains supplied by North Korea, supposedly those of Megumi Yokota and Kaori Matsuki, are of completely unrelated persons.
  This is graphic sign of the bad faith with which North Korea has responded to our country's repeated requests for an investigation into the fate of suspected abductees. This is an absolutely unforgivable insult to our country.
  It is quite clear that our country's remaining "humanitarian relief" to North Korea must be frozen immediately.
  Our Party has already announced simulations of sanctions, and has concluded that if North Korea was shown to have acted in bad faith, economic sanctions must be decided on. Now more than ever we affirm the principle of "No normalization of diplomatic relations without resolution of the abduction issue".

We demand:
(1) A clear reply regarding the "tests on the remains of Megumi Yokota"
(2) The immediate handover of Shin Guwan Soo, an internationally wanted suspect, and 2 others.

In addition to the above, we strongly request that the Japanese government presses North Korea for a reply and sets a fixed date as part of a final warning.
  If North Korea does not reply within the time period, of if the reply is not satisfactory, the decision to apply economic sanctions must be made at once.
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