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Talks with the King of Jordan

December 13, 2004

On the 13th December, Secretary-General of the LDP Tsutomu Takebe and New Komeito Secretary-General Tetsuzo Fuyushiba met for talks with King Abdullah of Jordan in a Tokyo hotel.
The talks mainly covered Iraq reconstruction and the Middle East peace process. King Abdullah stated, "I have indicated I understand what the SDF are doing in Iraq. I have heard that elections will take place by January 30th next year; I intend to cooperate to the best of my ability to insure this happens." In reply, Takebe Secretary-General sought understanding on the SDF's extended deployment: "Recently, I accompanied Secretary-General Fuyushiba on an inspection visit to Samawah. Following that, I reported to Prime Minister Koizumi that the security situation was stable, after which the extension of the SDF's deployment was decided. We appeal for your understanding."
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