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Meeting of the LDP Countermeasures HQ for the North Korea Abduction Issue

December 10, 2004

On the 10th December the LDP Countermeasures Headquarters for the North Korea Abduction Issue (HQ chief - Acting Secretary-General of the LDP, Shinzou Abe) held a meeting at the LDP Headquarters. The meeting received a final report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Police Agency concerning the material evidence presented by North Korea following recent Japan-North Korea working level talks.
Concerning the material evidence, the report specifically revealed that DNA tests performed by Japan have shown the remains submitted by North Korea, supposedly as those of Megumi Yokota and Kaori Matsuki, to be of unrelated persons. Following this result, many Diet members attending the meeting have expressed their opinion that "North Korea has been acting in extremely bad faith. There is no alternative to sanctions."
HQ Chief Abe stated, "With great regret we find that North Korea has acted in bad faith. We have come to the stage of economic sanctions. However, before that, we must try to find out what North Korea's intentions were when they presented material evidence such as this. We will seek a clear reply from North Korea." The HQ also agreed on a resolution (see below).
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