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Nagata-kai (17th November)

November 17, 2004


On the 17th November, former Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda was invited to address the 'Nagata-kai' at the LDP headquarters, where he spoke on a wide range of issues from domestic politics to international relations.
Mr. Fukuda explained Prime Minster Koizumi's reforms, saying, "The Prime Minister has been given authority to 'take the initiative' on administrative reform. As a result, Prime Minister Koizumi is using that authority fully, and a lively debate has come about on privatization of the public highways and postal system as well as the 'trinity' of reforms to local government finance." He also spoke about foreign relations, saying, "There is a need for peaceful foreign affairs based on the principle of international cooperation. Although presently ODA has been reduced, unfortunately the cut-back is based on our current economic situation."
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