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Party Declaration: On the Anniversary of the End of the War Liberal Democratic Party, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

On this 71st anniversary of the end of the war, we offer our sincere and humble condolences and pray for the repose of all the valiant souls from Japan and other countries who sacrificed their lives during the war. We engrave deeply in our hearts the realization that the peace and prosperity we enjoy today are built on the noble sacrifices of those who lost their lives during the war, and resolve to never again tread the path of war.

Since the end of the war, Japan has consistently chosen the path of a pacifist country and has played a significant role as a member of the international community, building peace and stability for the entire world. We will continue to work toward peaceful diplomacy and to spare no effort in bringing peace and stability to the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large, under the banner of "proactive contributions to peace."

At the same time, international circumstances are continually changing, and Japan finds itself in an increasingly challenging security environment requiring full preparedness to protect the lives and peace of our people at all times. It was in recognition of this responsibility that we passed the legislation for peace and security last year to put in place a seamless security structure for the protection of the Japanese people. We will continue to seek the understanding of the people as we work to build a peaceful Japan for our children and grandchildren.

The LDP is a party of the people that values peace and freedom. We will do everything in our power to pass down the pacifist country built by our forebears to the generations of the future, and to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the entire world.

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