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Seeking further support from the US Congress to resolve the abduction issue

May 16, 2016

The LDP Headquarters for North Korean Abductions held a joint meeting with the Foreign Affairs Division (Director: Gaku Hashimoto, member of the House of Representatives) on May 16. The Headquarters' Chairperson Keiji Furuya and Chief Secretary Ichiro Tsukada reported on efforts to seek support from the US Congress to help resolve the abduction of citizens of numerous countries (including Japan) by North Korea.

Asserting that North Korea may be involved in the August 2004 disappearance of American college student David Sneddon (age 24 at the time) from Yunnan Province in China, Chairperson Furuya and Chief Secretary Tsukada have met with a total of 53 Senators and Representatives in five meetings since March 2015, urging the need for a resolution to seek investigation by the US government, including the possibility of abduction. In response, the resolution was submitted to both the Senate and House of Representatives in February 2016.

"We can strengthen coordination (with the US) not only onnuclear weapons and missiles, but also on the abduction issue," Chairperson Furuya contended at the meeting. "Who would this trouble the most? Applying pressure effectively is crucial to resolving the abduction issue." He indicated their intention to continue efforts to adopt the resolution.

Chief Secretary Tsukada also reported that they have requested United Nations delegates from various countries to cooperate in raising the abduction issue not only at the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council, but also at the Security Council.

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