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Secretary-General statement: On the LDP's 60th anniversary on November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015

Today, the Liberal Democratic Party marked the 60th anniversary since our founding.

The LDP is a party for the ones who love liberty, democracy and peace. Our broad support among the citizens of Japan has made us the ruling party in most of the country's governments. We are founded on the wisdom and struggles of those who have gone before us; the people who laid the groundwork for Japan to emerge from the ashes of war and transform ourselves into an economic powerhouse, maintaining peace through the Japan-US alliance, and making substantive contributions to the international community. As a party, we are proud of the role we have played in building our country. We have also had the bitter experience of losing the trust of the people, and must always remember the humility that politics requires.

In the 70 years since the end of the war, Japan's security environment has seen major changes. At present, we have many new domestic challenges to address: economic revitalization, management of the declining population, and reconstruction from the earthquake, just to name a few. The Party must tackle these issues head-on, working from the principle of "proactive contributions to peace" to promote peace and prosperity throughout the world. At the same time, we must never forget the fundamental principle that "politics must serve the public interest," as we listen to the local communities and make bold reforms for a bright future.

It is our job to build a society in which each and every member has hope, is able to work and be active, is independent and self-reliant, but also enjoys the warm bonds of community and mutual aid, with public assistance available when it is needed.

I hope the Japanese people will continue to understand and support the Liberal Democratic Party and our goals.

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