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Establishment of a Sport Agency: Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Division

January 22, 2015

The Party's Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Division (Director: Tsutomu Tomioka, member of the House of Representatives) was briefed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) on January 22 regarding the potential establishment of a Sport Agency.

Article Two of the Supplementary Provisions to the Basic Act on Sport, which was enacted in 2011, explicitly mandates that the establishment of a Sport Agency be studied, and a multi-party Sports Federation of Diet Members has examined organizational structures and responsibilities.

According to the briefing, the agency will be established as an external organization affiliated with the MEXT. In addition to the currently duties by the MEXT Sports and Youth Bureau, it would be responsible for executing a comprehensive sports policy that spans multiple ministries including enhancements to sports for the disabled, the use of sports to promote local development, and the promotion of sports in collaboration with industries.

The organization would include a "Department of Sports and Health Promotion," a "Department of Competitive Sports" responsible for improving athletic performance, a "Department of International Sports" responsible for international contributions through sport, a time-limited "Olympics and Paralympics Department," and directors responsible for community development and private sector sports.

In terms of size, the agency would staff 121 personnel, including new hires and reassignments from other ministries and agencies. It will pursue a wide range of policies in collaboration with other government organizations.

Relevant legislation is planned to be introduced to the ordinary session of this Diet. The establishment is targeted for October.

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