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First meeting of the Hiroshima Landslide Disaster Response Headquarters

August 21, 2014

Immediately after the landslide disaster in Hiroshima, the Party organized a "2014 Heavy Rain and Typhoon Disaster Response Headquarters" chaired by Policy Research Council Chairperson Sanae Takaichi. It held its first meeting on August 21 to listen to a briefing from the government on the damage and status.


In her opening remarks, Chairperson Takaichi expressed condolences to the victims of the disaster and noted that most of the disaster area had not been designated as a "sediment disaster alert area" under the Act on Sediment Disaster Countermeasures for Sediment Disaster Prone Areas.


To prevent landslide disasters, the law instructs prefectural governments to designate "alert areas" and "special alert areas" when there is the potential for sediment-related disasters, but there are differences from prefecture to prefecture in how this is done. Chairperson Takaichi called on members to "identify and discuss the key issues that need to be addressed so that this kind of tragedy does not happen again," and expressed the opinion that the law would need to be amended to relax the conditions for designation.


Minister of State for Disaster Management Keiji Furuya responded that he welcomed discussion by the Party and urged cooperation.


The Party will continue to monitor the damage and do everything possible to rebuild the disaster area.

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