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Tasty Japanese food: A message to the world for the Tokyo Olympics

February 14, 2014

On February 14, the LDP Research Commission for the Establishment of a Tourism Oriented Nation (Chairman: Kozo Yamamoto, Member of the House of Representatives) held a hearing on the international spread of Japanese cuisine and Japanese food culture with Mr. Kazutaka Kato, Managing Director of the Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad.

Mr. Kato noted that Japanese cuisine has "garnered attention around the world" for its "respect for nature, nutritional balance and overall healthfulness."

He also advocated that cuisine be promoted along with other expressions of Japanese culture such as anime, music, and fashion. The expansion of international markets would "increase the number of people who want direct contact with Japanese culture, which would ultimately increase the number of tourists visiting Japan and further spread Japanese food culture."

Mr. Kato characterized the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics as "an excellent opportunity to communicate the attractions of Japan and Japanese cuisine to the world."

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