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Mr. Masuzoe landslide in Tokyo gubernatorial election

February 9, 2014

The LDP-supported candidate Yoichi Masuzoe (65) emerged victorious in the Tokyo gubernatorial election held on February 9. It was the first time that Mr. Masuzoe has been elected to the position, and he prevailed over a field of 15 candidates.

During the campaign, Mr. Masuzoe used the slogan "Making Tokyo the Best City in the World," and emphasized his experience and achievements as Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. He vowed to give Tokyo "the best welfare in the world," and highlighted lack of nursing care, child care, and emergency medical facilities as issues he wanted to tackle. Disaster-preparedness and making the 2020 Tokyo Olympics "the best in history" were also frequent themes in his campaign.

The LDP fully backed Mr. Masuzoe and a number of key officials, including Party President Shinzo Abe (Prime Minister) and Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba, came out in support.

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