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LDP Statement against the North Korea's launching its missile

April 13, 2012

A missile launch by North Korea failed today. The international community including Japan, the United States, and South Korea repeatedly urged North Korea not to undertake the launch but to no avail. It was an unacceptable action by North Korea, damaging prospects for peace and security of Japan and the whole East Asia region.

North Korea's provocative action clearly violates U.N. Security Council resolutions which prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles. The LDP strongly urges our government to express its outrage at the provocative actions of North Korea. We also demand that the government undertake urgent diplomatic efforts to raise North Korea's missile launch in the United Nations Security Council and to sponsor a resolution to be adopted by the international community, in close cooperation with concerned countries including the United States and South Korea as well as China.

In addition, we urge the government to initiate its own anti-North Korean measures while observing the actions of the United Nations and other countries. We also demand the government urgently consider and possible enact additional measures that were considered at the LDP Special Committee on North Korean Abductions.
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