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Secretary-General Takebe exchanges opinions with United Russia's General Council Secretary Vorogin

September 9, 2006


A Russian delegation from the country's ruling party, United Russia, led by Mr Vorogin, Secretary of General Council of the Party, visited LDP's Headquarters on September 9th to exchange views with Secretary-General Tsutomu Takebe and Kisaburo Tokai, director-general of the International Bureau.
In recent years, the LDP and United Russia have exchanged visits every other year to deepen the relationship between members of both parties, and this year the LDP has dispatched two delegations; in August led by International Bureau Director General Tokai, and in September led by Secretary-General Takebe. These visits strengthened the relationship with party leaders of United Russia.
Welcoming Secretary Vorogin, Secretary-General Takebe stated that, though the two countries have many unresolved issues such as the Northern territories, "I believe that candid interchanges of both parties will lead to solutions of various issues". Secretary Vorogin agreed with Mr. Takebe's remarks. They concluded their talks by agreeing to promote further relations in the coming years, especially exchange among the young generation of lawmakers.
The delegation left LDP headquarters and was taken to Akihabara to observe Party Presidential election candidates speak in front of a large street audience. The Party Presidential election was to be held on September 20th and the all three candidates - Shinzo Abe, Sadakazu Tanigaki, and Taro Aso - gave impassioned speeches.
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