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LDP Secretary-General TsutomuTakebe and Chairman of Policy Research Council Hidenao Nakagawa held meetings with Deputy Director Tan Jialin of the International department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

January 12, 2006


Delegation from the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party headed by Deputy Director Tan Jialin visited the LDP Party Headquarters and held meetings with Chairman of Policy Research Council Hidenao Nakagawa on January 12, and Secretary-General Tsutomu Takebe on 13.
In the meeting on 12, Nakagawa stated that new concept of values and mechanisms of mutual exchanges are necessary for the pursuit of the common interest and for the resolution of the shared tasks. In response, Tan strongly agreed to develop the idea and expressed hope for the further dialogues.
Also, in the conference on 13, Takebe referred on his visit to China last year and stated that Japan has consistently valued the bilateral relationship with China. Tan responded saying that mutual exchanges between the ruling parties is significant for the relationship between China and Japan, as Takebe's visit and candid exchange of views with him was very meaningful. He wished to develop the new mechanism for the future exchanges. In addition, Takebe emphasized that Japan has been working to resolve the issues between North Korea, such as the abduction of the Japanese nationals, and asked for China's corporation.
Both conferences have become productive, discussing the present situation and the tasks between Japan and China.
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