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The Conference of Emergency Headquarters for Crisis in Pakistan held in LDP

October 8, 2005


Concerning the serious situation in northeast Pakistan caused by the earthquake that struck on October 8, the Liberal Democratic Party set up the Emergency Headquarters for Crisis in Pakistan. The first meeting was held on October 12, led by Chairman Tsutomu Takebe, the Secretary-General of the LDP. Secretary-General Takebe had told that "As two Japanese casualties were reported and the government has been cooping urgently with utmost effort already, we (LDP) will consider the response including the dispatch of disaster-relief on our own, while coordinating closely with the government." He showed his intentions that LDP will put together an organizations to deploy assisting activities including charitable fund-raise on streets, also stating that he will "set up a collaborated emergency headquarters of the government and the ruling coalitions by tomorrow, cooperating with the New Komeito."
Meanwhile, the Headquarters received the status reports on the damages caused and the response in Pakistan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Defense Agency. The congressmen who attended the meeting had heated discussion over the problems, pointing out some problems such as the delay in taking action, the needs for mid-and long-term aids to prepare for the second disaster, and the necessity for the cooperative structure between the ruling and opposition parties in times of disaster. The problems that have to be dealt urgently and the future tasks, meaning the needs for the reconstruction of Japanese disaster support system, were both raised in the conference.
LDP has decided to support the government and provide the most prompt and effective assistance for the victims.
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