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Secretary-General Tsutomu Takebe held the conference with the U.S. Ambassador

May 13, 2005


U.S. ambassador to Japan, Thomas Shieffer, who was inaugurated this April, visited the LDP headquarters on May 10th. He held a conference with Secretary-General Tsutomu Takebe, and frankly exchanged views on various issues lying between Japan and U.S. relationship.
At the opening, Ambassador Shieffer promised a "full support" on the incident that a Japanese held in Iraq. In the meeting, Secretary-General Takebe raised the issue on BSE, and said "Japanese consumers are being very sensitive on the food safety, so there are still more time needed to solve this problem." Ambassador Sheiffer replied that "This problem is recognized as being a very difficult one to solve in the U.S. also. But without being emotional, we need to seek a solution based on the scientific underpinnings, and make every effort to win the understandings from your people."
Also, concerning the issue on the transformation of the USFJ, Ambassador told that "For the interest of both countries, we need to work together to the common goal, which is to cut down the footprint of the USFJ while maintaining its capability at the same time." About the issues concerning North Korea, Secretary-General noted that "North Korea should be back on table of the Six-Party Talks. But if they refuse to do so, other options should be taken in to consideration." Ambassador insisted that "There are several options, but the option of having a nuclear power in the Korean peninsula, cannot be accepted by no means." as a response.
A conference with Secretary-General Takebe, who recognize that the "security partnership between Japan and the U.S. is the cornerstone of the Japan's foreign policy", was truly productive.

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