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Secretary-General of the LDP, Tsutomu Takebe holds a series of meetings with foreign VIPs

January 31, 2005

Secretary-General of the LDP, Tsutomu Takebe has held a series of meetings with VIPs visiting from overseas. On the 31st of January he met Fahmi Idris, Indonesian Minister of Manpower and Transmigration; on the 1st February he met Georgy Boos, Deputy Speaker of the Russian Duma, on the 2nd February he met Alistair Murray Mclean Australian Ambassador to Japan; on the 3rd February he met Mohsen Talaei Iranian Ambassador to Japan.
Speaking with Minster of Manpower and Transmigration Idris, Secretary General Takebe encouraged interchange between Japanese and Indonesian politicians to further deepen Japanese-Indonesian friendly ties. In his discussion with Deputy Speaker Boos he noted that a speedy resolution of the Northern Territories issue in particular would be a base for further progress in Japanese-Russian friendly relations. Also, meeting with Ambassador Mclean he appealed for special understanding over agricultural issues, and cooperation to further our country's interests amidst developments in the FTA and WTO world economy. Lastly, in talks with Ambassador Talaei, addressing the issue from the standpoint of nuclear non-proliferation, he appealed for cooperation with the IAEA and peaceful use of nuclear technology.
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