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Monthly News for July, 2004

May 31, 2004

Officers from the LDP’s International Bureau meet with Members of the German Bundestag

On the 12th of May directors from the LDP’s International Bureau met with Mr. Fredrich Horst, Member of the German Bundestag and Chairman of the Bundestag League for Friendly Relations between Germany and Japan.
In his initial greeting, Mr. Endo Takehiko, Director-General of the International Bureau stated “We have just come from a visit to the European Union, whereby we saw with our own eyes the new EU after the successful addition of ten new allies on the 1st of May.” He went on to say: “Germany is a major power in the EU, and Japan hopes that while Germany will devote great efforts to the further strengthening of the EU, it will also work to enhance the relationship of friendship between Japan and Germany”.
Chairman Horst answered that relations between Japan and Germany, as well as relations with the EU, were in a highly favorable position, and Germany would endeavor to further strengthen them.


A group from the Republic of Korea’s Uri Party meets with Secretary General Abe

On the 13th of May a group of representatives from the Uri Party of the Republic of Korea, which secured a sound victory in recent National Assembly elections, paid a courtesy visit to Secretary General Abe at the LDP Headquarters in Nagatacho. The group was headed by Mr. Keun Tae Kim.
Mr. Kim, a future presidential candidate, held a discussion on the problem of North Korea with the Secretary General, which included issues such as the Japan-South Korea relationship, the abductions of Japanese citizens, and the nuclear/missile threat. With regard to the North Korean problem, Secretary General Abe stated: “quite simply, the six-nation talks represent a great opportunity for North Korea, and we must work to achieve a proper resolution.” To this, Mr. Kim replied “North Korea is in a in a tough position economically. We would like Japan to treat North Korea with patience.”
Secretary General Abe made Japan’s position clear, replying “that will depend on the attitude of North Korea. There may indeed be times when force will be necessary.”


The Syrian Ambassador meets with the Chairman of the LDP’s Policy Research Council

On the 27th of May the Syrian Ambassador in Japan, Mr. Al Syoufi Kahatan, met with Mr. Nukaga Fukushiro, Chairman of the LDP’s Policy Affairs Research Council at the party headquarters in Nagatacho. Together they exchanged opinions over the current state of Middle Eastern affairs.
Mr. Kahatan sought understanding by Japan of the need to lift the economic sanctions currently being imposed on Syria by the United States, saying “the sanctions not only violate international law, but they are not beneficial to the United States.” He also expressed his hope that Japan would continue to act with initiative in encouraging peace between Israel and Palestine.
Showing his understanding of the Ambassador’s request, Chairman Nukaga replied: “it is imperative that Israel acts to limit its military activities. We will continue to send this message.”
Chairman Nukaga then discussed the situation in Iraq, stating: “while the Self Defense Forces are currently engaged in humanitarian assistance, we are paying careful attention to the movement toward the transfer of power, scheduled for June. We are sincerely hoping that a government chosen by Iraqis, for Iraqis, will be established.


The Canadian Ambassador meets with the Chairman of the LDP’s Policy Research Council

On the 28th of May the Canadian Ambassador in Japan, Mr. Robert G. Wright, visited Mr. Nukaga Fukushiro, Chairman of the LDP’s Policy Affairs Research Council, at the party headquarters in Nagatacho. Together they exchanged views on a variety of topics ranging from international political issues such as the Iraq war, North Korea and Foreign Trade Agreement negotiations, to domestic political issues, including the state of the economy, the pension problem and the upcoming upper house elections.
Regarding the war in Iraq, Mr. Wright praised Japan’s dispatch of troops, stating “I believe that their activities are meeting success.” Furthermore, he stated that Koizumi’s recent North Korean visit was “an act of great courage, representing definite progress.” On the topic of Free Trade Agreements, Mr. Wright noted “Japan has now concluded FTA’s with both Singapore and Mexico. We hope that Japan will also be interested in negotiations with Canada.”
Chairman Nukaga “the state of the economy is improving due to Koizumi’s reforms. However, individual consumption and local businesses have not fully recovered, so we need further efforts to ensure continuing recovery.”

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