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Regarding the murder of Japanese diplomats in Iraq

December 3, 2003

International Bureau, Liberal Democratic Party

Japanese diplomats stationed in Iraq were shot to death in the car, heading to Tikrit, at about 5p.m. (about 11 o'clock of JST) of local time on November 29 by some unknown people.

They were Councilor Katsuhiko Oku of the Japanese Embassy to UK and Third Secretary Masamori Inoue of the Japanese Embassy to Iraq and were to attend a meeting on the reconstruction of Iraq being held in Tikrit on that day.

We should sincerely like to pray their soul may rest in peace and express our profound sympathy to the bereaved families.

The two diplomats had played the major role to provide Japan’s support on Iraq reconstruction in the locale and served to bridge between our country and Iraq as well as with other countries of the concerned.

It is a great loss of having lost these two specialists for both Japan and Iraq in terms of rebuilding of Iraqi. We are firmly determined, however, to continue providing our support for the reconstruction of Iraq in order to carry on the wills of these deceased diplomats.

We clearly express our intention of not giving in to terrorism, as well.

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