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Meeting between Chinese First Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Dai Binguguo and LDP Secretary General Abe

November 14, 2003

On November 14, China’s First Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Dai Binguo, met with Secretary General Shinzo Abe in a downtown hotel. Undersecretary Dai arrived in Japan to meet with governmental and political leaders with respect to the Six-Nation Talks on the issue of North Korea.

First of all, Secretary General Abe greeted his guest by saying that although he had only recently assumed the role of Secretary General, he wished to do his best to promote Sino-Japanese friendship. Undersecretary Dai replied, “Since the time of the Chair of the Communist Party’s Central Foreign Liason Committee, many people within the LDP have made efforts to promote Sino-Japanese friendship. Hereafter, we hope to have further meetings to develop friendly relations. Secretary General Abe stated that he wished the Six Nation talks to deal comprehensively with the issues of North Korea’s abandonment of nuclear ambitions, and the questions of missiles and abductions. In particular, he stated that the abduction issue is one that is of particular concern to the Japanese and asked for cooperation to ensure the early return of the victims’ families. Undersecretary Dai concluded by saying, “All efforts will be made for the success of the Six Nation talks. In particular, through peaceful talks we wish to ensure North Korea’s intention to renounce its nuclear ambitions.”

November 14, 2003

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