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ASO Taro

ASO Taro

Vice-President, Liberal Democratic Party
Member, House of Representatives
(Fukuoka Prefecture, 8th electoral district; Elected 14 times)


  September 20, 1940


1963 Graduated from the Faculty of Politics and Economics, Gakushuin University


1966 Joined Aso Industry
1973 President and CEO of Aso Cement Co., Ltd.
1978 Chairman, Japan Junior Chamber, Inc.
1979 Elected to the House of Representatives for the first time 
1988 Vice Minister for Education, Sports, Science and Culture
1990 Director, Education Division, LDP
1991 Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs, HR
Director, Foreign Affairs Division, LDP
1993 Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
1996 Minister of State, Economic Planning Agency
2001 Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy
Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
2003 Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications
2005 Minister for Foreign Affairs
2007 Secretary-General, LDP
2008 President, LDP
Prime Minister
2012 Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
Minister of State for Financial Services
2021 Vice-President, LDP
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