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“Strongly refuting groundless criticism”

October 30, 2014

Tomomi Inada

False reports about comfort women have damaged Japan's reputation and credibility in the international community, and the Party has reacted by establishing a Special Mission Committee (Chairperson: Hirofumi Nakasone, member of the House of Councillors), which will work under the direction of the Policy Research Council to restore the honor and trust of Japan. The Committee held its first meeting on October 30.


In August, the Asahi Shimbun admitted that past articles about comfort women contained false information that they had been "forcibly taken away" by the Japanese military. Nonetheless, this false information lead to the Coomaraswamy Report by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, a resolution critical of Japan in the U.S. House of Representatives, and movements to establish monuments dedicated to the comfort women in the United States. In a meeting of the House of Representatives Budget Committee on October 3, Policy Research Council Chairperson Tomomi Inada discussed the need to communicate to both the domestic and international communities the position of the government of Japan, and the objective facts on which it is based.


At the meeting, the Committee heard explanations from relevant ministries and agencies about efforts to refute the report, developments in related litigation, and what the government has done about the comfort women issue so far.


In her opening remarks, Policy Research Council Chairperson Inada highlighted the need to "strongly refute groundless criticism and build a national movement." However, she said, the analysis and verification of false reports "is a question of freedom of the press, and something that the Asahi Shimbun should do on its own." The task for the Committee is to verify the impact that false reports have had and to formulate a report on international communications to be submitted by the end of the year.

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