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187th extraordinary session of the Diet begins Focus on “regional development” and “the role of women”

September 29, 2014

The 187th extraordinary session of the Diet began on September 29. This will be the first opportunity for the new Abe Cabinet for open debate on various issues. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has indicated that he will seek passage of legislation on his signature issues of 'regional development' and the 'role of women in society'. The Diet will be in session until November 30 for a total of 63 days.


Prime Minister Abe has defined regional development as "one of the most important challenges facing the new Cabinet" and has vowed to focus this session of the Diet on this theme. Through passage of the legislation, he will push for measures to address population decline and local economic development. As the role of women in society has also been marked as "a crucial challenge for the Abe Cabinet," Prime Minister Able will also seek legislation to enhance the working and social environment for women.


The Diet will deliberate ways to strengthen the implementation and execution of the growth strategy and will also consider disaster-related legislations. Chief among the proposals are amendments to the Act on Sediment Disaster Countermeasures for Sediment Disaster Prone Areas that reflect the lessons learned from the major landslide disaster in Hiroshima City, and improving the resident evacuation system by encouraging local governments to designate alert areas.


Prime Minister Abe will deliver a policy speech to the Diet on September 29, the first day of the session, followed by three days of questions from party leaders in both Houses.

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