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The next generation of Japanese and US political leaders exchange opinions

September 24, 2014

The next generation of Japanese and US political leaders exchange opinions

On September 24, the Party's International Bureau (Director-General: Yasukazu Hamada, member of the House of Representatives) held a reception for local legislators from the United States visiting Japan as part of the "US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program."


This is the 31st exchange in the program, which began in 1973. Delegations from Japan have visited the United States 25 times.


For this exchange, seven young political figures from both US parties participated, including a Democratic member of the Boston City Council and a Republican state legislator from New Jersey.


From the Party Headquarters, International Bureau Director-General Hamada, International Bureau Acting Director-General Yoshimasa Hayashi, and International Bureau Deputy Director-General Kiyoto Tsuji were in attendance.


Director-General Hamada told the gathering, "I look forward to deepening the discussion with legislators from all parties and further developing relations between Japan and the United States."


During the reception, participants discussed issues such as the current status of the LDP and how to identify and recruit the next generation of political leaders.


They later met with Party Vice-President Masahiko Komura, and discussed security issues and economic policy.


The program is cosponsored by the Japan Center for International Exchange and the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) as an opportunity to visit areas around Japan and observe policy issues, relations between local and central governments, and the state of politics in the country's outlying communities. Through their experiences, participants develop a better understanding of Japan.

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