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Discussion of anti-terror measures for the Tokyo Olympics

June 11, 2014

The LDP's Research Commission on Public Safety and Counter-Terrorism (Chairman: Motoo Hayashi, member of the House of Representatives) held a discussion on June 11 about anti-terrorist measures for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.


"What is it we are lacking?" Chairman Hayashi asked in his opening statement. "What kind of system and structure do we need? What are the budget implications? We need to examine and discuss these issues from all angles and do everything possible [to ensure the success of the Olympics]."


Explanations from relevant ministries and agencies about current and future cyber security and anti-terrorist measures at sporting facilities, public transportation agencies, and nuclear power plants were also provided at the meeting.


During the presentation, the National Police Agency identified three points that would be necessary to "establish the foundations for the success of the Olympic games:" (1) consideration of new security equipment that makes use of the latest science and technology; (2) introduction of effective policing systems and methods based on recent case studies, including the introduction of new security equipments; and (3) systematic human resource development through enhanced professional education and practical training.


Research commission members noted the need for close coordination with the organizing committee, relevant ministries, and public transportation agencies.

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