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Appeal for full resolution of abductions

June 1, 2014

On June 1, the party's Youth Division (Director: Yohei Matsumoto, member of the House of Representatives) held coordinated street campaigns at approximately 100 locations around the country, focusing on prefectural capitals. These campaigns have been held every year since 2004. In addition to "Resolving the North Korean Abduction Issue," the common theme for the event each year, Youth Division members and other Party youth also spoke passionately on issues concerning security and amendment of the constitution.


Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba participated in the speeches held at the west gate of Shinjuku Station and the south gate of Kokubunji Station (both located in Tokyo).


Speaking with a microphone from the top of a campaign truck, Secretary-General Ishiba focused on the reinvestigation of abductees by North Korea and underscored that "all responsibility for the abductions lies with North Korea -- we will never compromise on that." He called on Japan to continue to act with determination as well as "strengthen our ties with the United States, South Korea, and Asia-Pacific countries, and continue to negotiate tenaciously right down the line."


Turning to security, he said that improvements in the current legal system were "absolutely necessary to protect the lives and property of our people as well as for Japan to act in the world as a truly trusted country." He then went on to touch on the right of collective self-defense:"Can the world really trust a country that says, in effect, 'You come to help me when I'm attacked, but I'm not going to help you when you're attacked?'" "The question is how much the Japanese people are committed to peace," he concluded.


Director Matsumoto spoke on the issue of constitutional amendment, saying, "We need a constitution that is suited to and worthy of Japan now and in the future, a Constitution that embodies the heart and soul of the Japanese, and it is up to us at this moment in time to create one." He expressed the strong resolve of the Youth Division to "continue grassroots efforts using the power and energy of youth to change politics, as well as to change Japan by influencing the public debate on issues such as constitutional amendment and the abduction issue."


The event attracted an audience of more than 600, all of whom listened enthusiastically to the Party's ideas despite the scorching summer heat.

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