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President Tanigaki inspected the affected areas of heavy downpour in Kyushu

July 25, 2012

The damage was expanded for unusual heavy downpours in Kyushu region. Our Party requested Designated Disasters of Extreme Severity from the Government.

President Tanigaki visited Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures on July 16, 2012 in order to grasp damage.

President Tanigaki and his group of inspectors paid a visit to Ichinomiya Health Center in Kumamoto where approximately 30 people were evacuated. He promised that we would do our best for those who affected to get the normal lives back as soon as possible. He also gave words of encouragement to the sufferers.

After moving to City of Takeda in Oita Prefecture, Mayor Katsuji Shuto explained the condition of damage caused by the heavy rainfall at the City Hall.

By overflowed Tamarai River, serious damage was caused including a railway bridge smashed. "Under the Administration of Democratic Party of Japan, Tamarai Dam Construction Plan was suspended for 2 years. Wish the construction were completed" said Mayor Shuto. In fact, there was much less damage along the Inaba basin where Inaba Dam was built two years ago.

After the trip, President Tanigaki said, "The DPJ's campaign pledge is from infrastructure to people, however, we must make sure of the people's safety. We leaned the lessen from disasters."
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