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Statement by the Liberal Democratic Party Regarding the Nuclear Test and Missile Launch by North Korea

May 26, 2009


(Countermeasures Headquarters For the North Korean Launch Issue,
Liberal Democratic Party, member of the Coalition Government)

North Korea carried out a nuclear test and launched missiles yesterday. These actions are extremely dangerous, undermine the peace and security of Japan and that of the northeast Asian region and we condemn North Korea for such actions.

The actions are a clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolution 1718, passed in 2006, forbidding nuclear tests by North Korea, and they are also serious challenge the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty system. As such an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council was urgently convened the following morning.

The UN Security Council at an emergency session unanimously condemned North Korea's nuclear test as a clear violation of the resolution and moved to adopt a new resolution.

In addition to the US and South Korea, China and Russia also condemned North Korea's actions. Such widespread and uniform response reflects the depth of global concern about the impact of North Korea's reckless actions on the peace and stability of international society.

The Japanese government should express its stern opposition to such actions, and seek the understanding and cooperation of the international society in doing so. The government should also make every effort to propose a new UN Security Council resolution containing effective sanctions and deterrents, such as enhanced verification requirements, that will dissuade North Korea from developing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The government moreover should immediately consider and determine its own additional measures against North Korea, while at the same time considering the actions of the United Nations and other countries.

The government should take all possible measures that ensure our nation's defense and our people's security in response to this nuclear test and missile launching by North Korea.

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