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Monthly News for June, 2003

September 10, 2003

Presentation by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe (Nagata-kai)

On May 7, 2003 Shinzo Abe, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, addressed the Nagata-kai to explain the Japanese government’s position with respect to the North Korean abduction issue.
Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe spoke about the concrete steps being taken to solve this issue. “While there has been talk of economic sanctions, it is not up to our country alone to arrive at a solution unilaterally. This would be difficult to do without taking into account the situation in South Korea. On the other hand, international money transfers to North Korea can be stopped through revisions made to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law.”
With the assistance of presentations by the Chairman of the Parliamentarian League for Early Repatriation of Japanese Citizens Kidnapped by North Korea and the abductees’ families, the LDP International Bureau is appealing to various Embassies to find a solution to the abduction issue.

Russian Ambassador to Japan Meets with LDP Secretary General Yamazaki

The Russian Ambassador to Japan paid a visit to LDP Secretary General Taku Yamasaki on May 16 at LDP Headquarters. They exchanged views on reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Middle Eastern issues.

Gathering with European Union Parliamentarians

On May 21, a gathering between European Union Parliamentarians visiting Japan and LDP Diet Members was held at a downtown hotel.
The gathering was attended by Taro Nakayama, National Diet Representative and Chairman of the LDP Research Commission on Foreign Affairs; Masahiko Komura, Chairman for the Special Committee on External Economic Cooperation; Toshitsugu Saito, Director General of the International Bureau; Eisuke Kawamoto, Director of the Foreign Affairs Division; and Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, Deputy Director of the International Bureau. Chairman Nakayama explained in detail the issues currently confronting Japan. EU representatives George Jazemboski (Christian Democratic Party) and Olle Schmidt (Liberal Party) spoke on party politics and policy within the EU Parliament.
The discussion session also addressed the aging society phenomena whereby the Japanese example provided a useful model for the European case.

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