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New Year's Greetings Junichiro Koizumi

January 1, 2003


One year and eight months have passed since I became Prime Minister and formed my first cabinet. I would like to take this opportunity to thank members and friends of the LDP, as well as many other people throughout Japan and the world, for the kind support and encouragement they have extended to me.
I firmly believe that without reform, economic growth cannot be achieved. With this in mind, I have worked diligently from the very start of my administration to carry out structural reforms in Japan. In the New Year as well, I intend to remain firmly on course and pursue numerous reforms, including the strengthening of measures to accelerate the disposal of non performing loans, to revitalize industries, and to curb deflation.
Last year, two Japanese researchers, Professor Masatoshi Koshiba and Mr. Koichi Tanaka, were awarded Nobel Prizes. In speaking of their accomplishments, both Professor Koshiba and Mr. Tanaka expressed their belief that there are many other researchers in Japan whose work is worthy of a Nobel Prize.
I, too, am convinced that Japan and the Japanese people possess enormous untapped potential. It is reform that is essential to our efforts to transform this potential into concrete benefits for our country and the world. We live in troubled, uncertain times. Nevertheless, I am confident and hopeful of the future and pledge to do my very best to ensure that reform remains the focus of my administration.
I have steadily pursued Japan's active role in the international community based upon collaboration.
While exerting efforts to assist the victims of North Korean abductions and to seek out the truth for these individuals and their families, we will work in close cooperation with the United States and South Korea steadily and tenaciously towards peace in Northeast Asia.
We will continue to work as a member of the international community to develop foreign policies that allow us to make significant contributions to peace and stability of the world. In so doing, we will also do everything possible to protect the safety and security of the Japanese people.
I would like to sincerely ask all of you for your continued support and cooperation and wishing you and your family the best of health, success, and happiness in the New Year.



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