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New Year's Message from the LDP International Bureau

January 1, 2003


Season's Greetings and Happy New Year.
Since Prime Minister Koizumi's trip to North Korea in September of last year, abductions in the past of Japanese citizens by North Korean agents have been the subject of much concern among the Japanese people. While North Korean officials announced during Koizumi's visit that five of the Japanese abductees are still alive and eight are dead, the truthfulness of these claims has been brought into serious question by testimony provided by former North Korean secret agents and investigations carried out by the press. Although progress toward beginning negotiations to restore diplomatic relations between Japan and North Korea is being made, this work is greatly impeded not only by unresolved problems related to the Japanese abductees and members of their families who remain in North Korea, but also by North Korea's rigid stance on its nuclear power and missile development programs.
We at the LDP's International Bureau are committed to doing whatever we can to support the Japanese government in its work to speedily resolve these vitally important issues. At the same time, we realize that convincing North Korea of the urgent need to modify its behavior requires not only Japan's best efforts, but the cooperation and support of the entire world as well. Our hope is that people in many different countries will gain a better understanding of current conditions and recent events in Northeast Asia and be openly critical of violations of international norms of acceptable conduct that have been committed there.
Following the terrorist acts in September, 2001, the world made a determined pledge to fight terrorism wherever and whenever it occurs. This global sense of shared purpose provides even further support for our efforts to prevent abuses of human rights and other unacceptable behavior in Northeast Asia and throughout the world. We ask all nations and peoples of the international community to once again consider the behavior of North Korea and the dangers it poses to regional and global peace and stability.
Best wishes for abundant goodwill and happiness in the New Year to you, your family, and all humankind.

International Bureau
Liberal Democratic Party of Japan

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