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LDP Foreign Affairs Experts Conclude that the Abduction Issue Requires "further investigation."

October 3, 2002


  On October 3rd, persons serving on LDP commissions, committees, and in divisions with responsibilities related to foreign affairs received a briefing from Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials on the results of an investigation conducted by a team sent from Japan to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) into the abduction of Japanese citizens. During the briefing, all of the LDP's foreign affairs experts in attendance expressed dissatisfaction with the explanation provided by North Korea and stressed that "further investigation of this matter is required." In response to this, Foreign Ministry officials explained that "these sentiments have already been expressed to the North Korean government." They added that the Foreign Ministry is working in cooperation with the Japanese National Police Agency to verify the information provided on the abductions by the North Korean government and would continue to do everything possible to uncover the truth.

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