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The Secretary-Generals of the Three Ruling Coalition Parties Meet with Ambassadors from Israel and Several Arab Countries

April 30, 2002

The Secretary-Generals of the three ruling coalition parties met recently with ambassadors from Israel and several Arab countries to discuss the tense situation in the Middle East.
  On April 11, the Japanese Diet (parliament) adopted a "Resolution Calling for an Immediate Halt to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Reopening of Dialogue." Following this, the Secretary-Generals of the three ruling coalition parties met on the same day with Yitzhak Lior, the Israeli Ambassador to Japan, and with ambassadors representing six Arab countries* on April 22.
  All of the ambassadors requested that Japan be more active in supporting the peace process in the Middle East. The Israeli Ambassador also expressed his displeasure with the fact that the resolution passed on April 11 did not contain any reference to terrorism. The three Secretary-Generals listened carefully to both sides and responded by emphasizing that Japan condemns terrorism and is committed to doing its utmost to help the peace process move forward. They also called on both sides to end the cycle of violence and return to the negotiating table as quickly as possible.
  In addition to the work being done by the three Secretary-Generals, Japanese Foreign Minister Kawaguchi Yoriko has also provided her own ideas to contribute to the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Taken together, these efforts demonstrate the unity of purpose shared by the Japanese government and the ruling coalition parties and indicate Japan's intention to do whatever it can to support the peace process in the Middle East.

*Morocco (Ambassador Mohamed Tangi), Lebanon (Ambassador Jaafar Moawi), Egypt (Ambassador Mohmoud Karem), Jordan (Ambassador Samir Naouri), Djibouti (Ambassador Rachad Farah), Saudi Arabia (Charge d'Affaires Mohammad A. Wali)


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