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OMI Asako

Member,House of Representatives

Gunma 1
Number of Times Elected
Apr. 26,1961


  • The University of Tokyo


  • Company Employee
  • Representative Director of a Company
  • Secretary-General of an Incorporated NPO
  • Member, Committee on Economy, Trade and Industry, HR
  • Member, Committee on Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, HR
  • Member, Special Committee on Promotion of Science and Technology, and Innovation, HR
  • Member, Special Committee on Okinawa and Northern Problems, HR
  • Deputy Chairperson, Committee on Organizations Involved with Information and Communications, LDP
  • Manager, Research Commission on the Judiciary System, LDP
  • Deputy Director, Women's Affairs Division, LDP

Area of Interest

  • Further promotion of scientific and technological nation
  • Promotion of women's social advancement
  • Regional revitalization, revitalization of local economy

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